Now you have a choice!

 The GEN-U-BIN® Storage System

A medium drink holder & bin with

lid to store your phone, wallet, etc.



A sturdy medium drink holder

that leaves the rest of

your storage area open.

Either way, GEN-U-BIN® products

make riding your PGO® or Genuine®

scooter even more rider-friendly.


You made a great choice when you

bought your Genuine scooter.

Now make it even better!


It's the useful, custom-designed
accessory you should own! 


Both versions install in minutes with
no drilling or permanent alterations
to your beloved scooter! 



The GEN-U-BIN Storage System for your PGO & Genuine scooter! GEN-U-BIN DH - Drink Holder
GEN-U-BIN Storage SystemGEN-U-BIN DH - Drink Holder

A sturdy, polypropylene tray & drink holder.

Remove drink holder for taller containers.

Easily access items stored underneath.


 This sturdy drink holder leaves two
thirds of your storage area uncovered.

 Supports & holds your medium tall,
can-width containers upright.